The fast & easy way of sending proposals

Proposales helps you to quickly turn proposals into sales & legally binding agreements. Save time & sell more with proposals your customers will love 😍


Easily create beautiful online proposals

Proposales is built around simplicity so everyone quickly can create business proposals. Proposals are sent directly from Proposales and work beautifully on mobile and desktop.

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High Velocity

Respond to requests in seconds

Capture leads with Proposales inbox and easily respond to them within seconds. Simply use one of your existing proposal templates, tweak a thing or two and send it to your prospects.

No more guesswork

Monitor proposal activity and follow-up

Stop sending your proposals into a black hole. With Proposales you can follow what’s happening, see why your prospects haven’t accepted your proposals yet and follow-up.

How Proposales can help you sell up to 30% more

Always #1 to reach prospects’ inbox

Higher speed equals more deals. Duplicate and send proposals in seconds. A streamlined workflow that leaves your competitors behind.

100% follow-up, effortlessly

Never lose deals due to lack of a proper follow-up. This is possible with smart follow-up suggestions. Every proposal you send has view tracking and suggestions are based on how the recipient interacts with the proposal.

Upselling on auto-pilot

Allow the recipient to select add-ons right before they accept the proposal. Increase the order value automatically, and especially without the nagging.

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