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We got 30% higher conversion rate

Viktor Nord,

New record! Sent a proposal, 20 minutes to first viewed by client, 2 min to accept, and 3 min later work was scheduled.

Tobias Fischer, Arborist

I like the simplicity. After every meeting I quickly send a proposal and follow the level of interest with the view tracking feature.

Christofer Strömberg, Why do it

Proposales allows us to fast and easily send a propsal that is both easy to navigate and look fabulous. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel over and over again. Instead we can focus on deliver great solutions to our customers.

Nils Persson, Nedge

It's simple, beautiful and you get a good feeling of using Proposales. They are the greatest benefits to me. The solid recipient experience, no matter what device, is also very valuable.

Vilhelm Hanzén, Gul PR

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